Paranormals UniteEdit

Paranormal Access is your all access pass to all the paranormal creatures and spirits you may be wondering about. We only wish to inform the public about the dangers of what goes bump in the night and are in no way forcing our views on anyone in anyway. The information given is simpley what we have reasurched and experienced and what we believe to be true. We respect everyones right to disagree with our opinions and their right to view what we have in our Wiki as pure fiction. All we ask is that you respect our views as well and refrain from leaving lude and tasteless comments in the Wiki. Thank you!

Here we are united in one cause. To bring the unknown to the public and thus make them aware of what really goes on in the darkest parts of the shadows. We strive for an educational meens of relaying our information to you and hope that you find our Wikia as the go to place for all your paranormal anwers.


- Do you believe in what's on this wikia? 

Yes we do. Everything we upload we believe in full.

- Why did you start this wikia?

This wikia was started because the admin got tired of looking everywhere in many different places for answers to her questions about the paranormal. Starting this wikia was a way of having everything in one place with as much important information as possible. It is to make life just a little easier.

- How long have you been into the paranormal?

I have been into the paranormal for many years. The amount of time and effort put into learning and discovering the mysteries surrounding the paranormal is extensive at best. It is not only one of my favorite hobbies but it is one of my most rewarding.

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